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William H. Frazier Library Mission Statement:


The William H. Frazier Library strives to assist our students in becoming effective learners.  The Library Mission is to provide materials and services that support the district and school curriculum for the teachers and the individual needs and wants of the students.  The library program works to foster information literacy, promote growth in knowledge and encourage a love of reading for all students. Supporting classroom reading instruction and reading for personal and academic success are ultimate goals.


Our Accelerated Reader theme this year is

"Rock Solid Pathway to Success! Reading Rocks!"


Let’s Rock It!  We are Rock Stars!  “Rock it” can be Rocket!

Rocket your Goals!  Rock your Reading! Rock Solid Reading!

Rocks can be free, inexpensive, collected and shared.

Rocks can be counted.

Rocks can be sorted.

Rocks can be shaped to make letters and words.

Rocks can be compared and contrasted.

Rocks can be researched.

Rocks can be divided. Rocks can be added. 

Rocks can form equations.

Rocks can be sorted, grouped and stacked.

Rocks have origins, histories, uses, values, chemistry,

changes, and future discovery promises.

Some students already have a special rock.

Many students have rock collections.

Most students are attentive to the subject of rocks, willling to look at their neighborhood/backyard for rocks and can be excited about the mystery and magic of rocks.

Rocks have value for reading, math, history, geography,

science, technology and monumental displays.

Let’s Rocket to Success in Reading for 2019-1020!!!



Contact information:

Deanne Wheeler, School Library Technician

Instructional Media Resource Assistant